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Atomic Redster G9 FIS W  skis already show their competitive character with their appearance and recognizable red color. The Redster FIS competition ski series is created in collaboration with professional athletes. The perfect titanium layer sandwich construction, complete strong wood core and Servotec technology is just one of the features that allows the skis to transfer the power of the skier to the edges for the strongest grip.

The latest Servotec innovation provides complete confidence in long turns at high speeds, providing maximum cornering agility and maximum stability at higher speeds, while an elastic plate at the top of the ski provides greater cornering responsiveness at all speeds. Full Sidewall  is present along the entire length of the ski and allows more precise control of the ski required by competitive skiing and skiing on extremely demanding pistes. The core of the Ultra Power Woodcore  ski is made of strong beech wood and light poplar, which offers optimal stability and agility of racing skis. Ultra Titanium Powered property, which until recently boasted only skis from the FIS line, represents a layer of thicker and stronger titanium that runs from one side to the other, which gives the skis greater stability, stiffness and exceptional grip of the edges. World Cup Base Finish  sanding skis reduces friction and provides more speed.


World Cup FIS skis are World Cup competition skis designed for female competitors. They are the hardest and most stable buildings in terms of structure.


Tehnical specifications:

  • Lengths: 183, 188 cm
  • Width of the upper part of the ski: 100 mm (188 cm)
  • Ski width under bindings: 65 mm (188 cm)
  • Width of the lower part of the ski: 5 mm (188 cm)
  • Radius: 30 m (188 cm)
  • Purpose: World Cup - FIS
  • Model from the Redster FIS series - Giant Slalom
  • Full Sidewall for ski control
  • Ultra Titanium Powered technology with a layer of titanium
  • Servotec is a competitive innovation for ski guidance, speed and stability
  • Ultra Power Woodcore strong wooden core
  • World Cup Base Finish sanding skis
  • Active Race Interface